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UNESCO’s Digital Kids Asia-Pacific project (DKAP), supported by Korean Funds-in-Trust, aims to assist Member States to develop evidence-based policies that foster children’s digital citizenship and promote their safe, effective and responsible use of ICT.

The DKAP Research Tools, including the DKAP Framework for Education, survey tool, and regional report have been developed for:

  • Policymakers to understand and prepare for the most important issues facing education systems so that children’s digital citizenship is fostered for the technology-driven future. 

  • Researchers and non-governmental organizations to explore salient research opportunities and design appropriate interventions that support those who need it the most.

  • Educators and parents to introduce tools that help understand the impact of technology in our daily lives and research-driven insights to promote the development of kids’ digital competencies.

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Download the complete DKAP Research Toolkit

  • DKAP Survey Questionnaire
  • DKAP Codebook
  • DKAP Coding Examples
  • DKAP Coding Instructions
  • DKAP Checklist for National Research Team
  • DKAP Questionnaire Example
  • DKAP Research Manual
  • DKAP Training Manual
  • DKAP Regional Report