Digital Kids Asia-Pacific Regional Report Launch

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E-sports, social media, digital entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, virtual reality – technology is changing how children interact with the world. These changes signal emerging opportunities and new risks for children. Yet, if we do not know what they are actually doing, thinking, and feeling with regards to technology, how can we help them to succeed in the digital world?

Please join us for the UNESCO Digital Kids Asia-Pacific (DKAP) Regional Report Launch!

The DKAP project has developed digital citizenship research tools that enable education stakeholders to learn directly from children about their digital lives. It covers fundamental questions about how they are going online; what they are doing; and their attitudes, behaviours and knowledge regarding topics on digital literacy, safety and resilience, civic participation, emotional intelligence, and creativity and innovation.

Significant findings from the pioneering research conducted in Bangladesh, Fiji, South Korea and Viet Nam into children’s digital citizenship competencies will be released at the launch on 10 May 2019 at UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand. A diverse group of UN agencies, non-governmental organizations, government officials and the private sector are invited to discuss and unpack the research findings and implications on policies as well as interventions.

View a recording of the livestream of the launch below:

Download the DKAP Research Toolkit.

This article was initially published on UNESCO Bangkok’s website

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